Friday, January 1, 2010


It is January 1, 2010
Christine and I have been out for a morning walk on a wet not so cool morning. Coffee is ready for sipping. Christine has already exchanged all the Christmas dishes for our customary day ware. It's a new month and a new year.

I walked past a house one block away that we seriously considered purchasing a week ago. It is a rancher and less square footage than our two story beauty, but someone beat us to it. Christine and I both wanted it but the morning we were to place an offer we learned it had sold. Mentally I had already trimmed the roses, removed old garden ties, put down fresh garden soil, put in a new kitchen, new hardwood floors, new baseboard and crown moulding, a new roof and new windows. Well that's gone but we have determined that we will nonetheless sell our home this spring. It won't be easy for us to leave here after twenty years but it what we will do it in 2010.

I will turn 68 years of age next September 2010. Swell! I am feeling those years and I suppose that gets me down a little. I haven't made the adjustment to being the patriarch, the geezer.

In 2010 we will do a Caribbean Cruise and a Habitat for Humanity week in Hawaii.

I hope to sell more paintings and to establish myself better as a credible artist.

Perhaps my children's novel will find its way to the printer in 2010.

I have been an advocate for a young couple whose three children were taken from them by BC's Ministry of Children in 2007. I am seriously trusting that a Court Case in January 2010 will restore their family to wholeness.

For so many years I was a dedicated reader of scriptures and a practitioner of what they contain and a communicator of its truths. The principles inherent in following Christ are still of importance to me but retirement has made laziness easy. I concede that and I want to make some changes. I can. That is what resolution is. A personal commitment to change a pattern of behaviour. I know that prayer and study should be dialed up a lot in 2010.

For someone who acknowledges that there is much that is out of my control and for someone who wants to see changes and improvements for my family members and friends, there is a lot about which I need to talk to the only one who can affect change in a supernatural fashion.

Hopefully for me 2010 will be far more than merely the enjoyment of the Winter Olympics in my province and will be a year upon which I can look back with satisfaction and thanksgiving.