Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Jayden better known as JJ
All of us except Cari the photographer
Ice Cream Selection March 8th, Dad's B-Day
We did it. We honoured Great Grandpa Edward Unruh. Died 3 years ago, Today would have been his birthday, No. 96.

He was an ice cream cone lover and he taught us enjoy it too. One cone was never enough.

This is cone number 8
Ryan took the prize. Ice cream was the main course today, and then savouries, following by, you guessed it, DESSERT.

Kadence is the youngest -

Kadence has tiger tail in her cone.
Kailyn is her older cousin and she teaches Kadence many things. 
Kailyn is the oldest G-Kid

Nana and Papa and JJ, Kadence, Kale, Ryan, and Kailyn

Papa topping it up for JJ
My Dad, Edward Richard Unruh
Dad, we loved remembering your Birthday tonight. We thanked God for you, and we sang happy Birthday to you.

And best of all, my brother Murray and his family and grandchildren did this in St.Catharines, and my brother Neale and his family did this in Dorchester, ON

Yours Truly
A Cross Canada Celebration!


Heh, dear family, welcome to Ice Cream Cone Day.

It's a tradition in our family. My father, Edward, was 93 years old when he passed away three years ago. following the memorial service my brother Murray gathered us all at his home. He and Diane spread ice cream flavours across the table. My dad's children, grandchildren and greatchildren helped themselves to cones of ice cream and more than one. That became the start of our now annual tradition. My grandchildren have been excited for weeks waiting for this. For our evening meal in Western Canada, we will begin with Ice Cream, as much as we want, and then we will enjoy some savories, and perhaps a dessert cone after that.

Grandpa Unruh was an established ice cream lover. One small cone always tasted like one more to him and if we were with him, that became the biggest treat - a gigantic splurge of pleasure. Having more than one cone today is playing by Grandpa's rules as my daughter put it.

So, today, although I and my two brothers and their families live in Surrey, British Columbia, St. Catharines, Ontario; and London, Ontario, we are all filling our cones and lifting them in a salute to Grandpa Unruh. I loved you very much Dad, even more than the ice cream.