Friday, August 22, 2014



What would I do without her?
How could I live?
Yet people do go on I know
After a loved one is gone.
She sits outside my window
Sipping coffee in the morning, pensive.
Her profile so familiar to me.
I envision that image missing and stop,
I can't bear the thought, and won't.
Even now my desktop bears her portrait
Happy, smiling in the sunshine by the water.
That's my girl, the young yesterday girl
Same person, seasoned, wiser and so lovely.
I loved her then and love her now, more deeply
With the memories of our years.

By Ron Unruh, August 22, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Eagle sits atop a pole
in Mud Bay standing watch
on glistening water, dancing lights
mid morning of a late July day.

A breeze on grasses swaying as I watch
a catamaran gently cruising to the open water,
Canadian flag proudly flying.

Still eagle sits as sailors pass
and then lifts off, too close for comfort he thinks,
flying, turning to the sea with effortless ease.
Now both boat and bird are gone.

Wistfully my gaze returns to blue water, tide receding

I sit where water will slap sand later.
Three herons cross into the breeze.
Then surprised I find the eagle has returned,
landing on what must be a favourite spot, the pole,
from which to survey this kingdom,
and pretend that he is king.

By Ron Unruh, July 29, 2014

Composed as I sat at Crescent Beach along the Blackie Spit overlooking Mud Bay, where the shore birds feed on rich fare, the distant train trestle over which the Amtrak rides, and the Marina from which pleasure craft and fishing boats come and go.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


47 years ago this Tuesday, August 12th, Christine said that she would commit herself to me in marriage and we began a life together that has given us years of service to others, fulfillment, personal growth, contentment, memories forever, and two children and now their spouses and their children. What a great way to spend a few decades. I could not be happier. Thanks my sweetheart.

Christine, you even like to have fun, although had both of us looked something like the following characters we may have walked away from one another.

But fortunately we simply aged gracefully and didn't need to play coverup. I think we have made it.

Imagine, we are going for 50 … not so far off.