Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Two weeks out of December, two years in succession, and Christmas just around the corner. On December 7th Christine and I joined a team of volunteers to fly to Kauai where we served with Habitat for Humanity. Our 16-person group was daily divided on two different work sites, coming together for lunch each day, and of course driving home each afternoon. We met the Habitat leaders each morning in their Hanapepe work yard, did our circle, prayed, and then holding hands, extended out and then up as we recited, "we don't offer a hand out but a hand up."

Monday, December 1, 2014

Countries I have visited

35 countries of the world that I have set foot in … not so much … not enough if Christine could have her way.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Reminiscing is an occasional enjoyment. The older I become, the further back one can travel for stories, that is, as long as one’s memory delivers. In 2009, Christine and I spent seven weeks in France, one week of which was spent on Guernsey Island in the English channel between Britain and France. Christine’s paternal family (Langlois) originated here. A French speaking island, is unique in that only native born citizens may own land on the island. The wealthiest of people from offshore may only be visitors. One can actually walk around the island if the stamina is there. But for a pittance you can travel all day on the punctual buses. We stayed at a high cliff resort overlooking the channel, looking east to France. Robert and Gloria Langlois, (Christine’s brother) met us there. Perhaps a once in a lifetime joy-filled experience.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Offshore Scam

Nothing right now is vanilla.
It's dark in the midmost part of night.
Phone rings - a long distance call from Manila.
I've been dreaming and I'm up tight.

Accented voice greets me with cheer.
He's called to warn me and to help me.
Seeks calmly to convince me to have no fear
Why then call at twenty past three?

A technician, he's detected
That I'm hacked by an Eastern caller
So now my bank account will be affected,
I risk losing every dollar.

"Let me access your home notebook,"
My glitch he assures me he will fix.
I won’t be this guy’s sucker, is my outlook,
I will not let him play his tricks.

© Ron Unruh, 2014 

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Photograph: Tim Laman/Getty images
I was a boy when trees were tall
and I could climb with ease.
High in the limbs though I was small
At home in tops of trees.

This space did not require a friend
Was not a place to share,
How to climb up or to descend,
Only to say beware.

Up there were stories of my mind,
A novelist was I.
I the hero, the dazzling kind
With empires in the sky.

All stories end and so did mine,
Not wasted time at all,
A bold step to maturity,
When childhood trees were tall.

© Ron Unruh, November 14, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Insights about Seitz

From his daily demesne of erudition
perceptibly dazzling he is, a scholar,
At ease among strident intellects,
studious inquiry igniting his love
for wisdom, ancient purview of koheleth,
Assembler of insights in proverbs
and the knotty interplay in song of songs
and ecclesiastes with its experienced
pronouncement of humanity's failed
faculties before a constant creation.

© Ron Unruh

Nov 13, 2014 - I penned this last evening following my audit of a lecture by Dr. Christopher Seitz, "A Canonical Reading of Ecclesiastes." He is Senior Research Fellow, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo

Cowardly assailant with a car
Emulating villains from afar
Succeeded in killing with violent intent
Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

What a day, what a week!
News so shocking, one cannot speak,
From carefree coffee to dramatic strife.
Gunman took a soldier's life.

Nathan Carillo stood in place
With welcoming and pleasant face
Now fallen, his cortege gently goes
Along our Highway of Heroes.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I watch, listen, and observe
Saddening signs of generations
Moving coldly from my base.
Here is what I see.
Flagging faith, not pennant-waving, flagging,
Fading of conviction, doubting,
Diminishing, losing confidence in long held beliefs.
Ancient tenets distrusted and dismissed.
Conceptions of God exposed to speculation.
Conjecture reigns supremely, ignoring holy texts,
Inducing hopelessness, post modern culture
Hungry for my offspring,
And I pray.
Must pray that God will show Himself
In mercy, grace and truth and pull them
Tightly to Himself so they with buoyancy,
Live and love life knowing
That God's promises are true.

© Ron Unruh, October 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Not unexpectedly today we grieve.
People we know had loved ones leave.
A neighbour friend had a fiancée
Who decided she could no longer stay.
Friends with a son who was terminally ill
Mourn his passing and miss him so much until,
As their faith informs them with honest hope
To see him again, they continue to cope.   
A husband we know spent Thanksgiving without
His wife whose virtues he spoke about
Often through years when they served with love,
She waits now for him with Christ above.
The commodity, Comfort, in short supply
Impossible to feign, manufacture or buy.
Grief as heavy as it can possibly be,
Still heard, the master says, "Come unto Me."

© Ron Unruh

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Just another couple of weeks in a life

September 20th was an interesting day. I own a Mazda MX5 or Miata as it was formerly known. The company now prefers the abbreviated name and so do I. As an MX5 owner, I was given an invitation to a test driving event called Soul in Motion, and I arrived in the cockpit of my own MX5.
at the Paris Auto Show

The Miata has turned 25 years old this year. In 2011, Guinness World Records declared it the best- selling two-seater sports car of all time. No wonder, because the MX5 handles exquisitely, light to the touch, thanks to its rear-wheel drive. The 2016 next generation is even lighter. It is fun to drive and looks good, and that’s been its calling card. It’s muscular, sleek and runs low to the ground. Mazda Motor Corp. has now unveiled a new version of its iconic MX-5 for the first time in nine years.


My father and mother have both passed away into the presence of the Lord. Mom died in November 2007 and Dad in May 2008 six months apart. They were sweethearts, married for 66 years. Our family enjoyed the way the two of them enjoyed each other and cherished one another. The evening before her funeral, when the extended family was together, we all stood by her coffin and dad broke us all by saying, “goodnight sweetheart, I’ll see you soon.” When dad died and we siblings went through what was left, inside his wallet was a small piece of paper bearing a poem. “She was not created from his head to top him. Nor from his feet to be stepped on. She was made from his side to be equal to him. From beneath his arm to be protected by him. Near his heart to be loved by him.”

Sunday, September 21, 2014



Rain gently wetting all that's green and dry
Celestial notice that the heavens cry,
Ending our slow summer days in the sun,
Anguishing at what humanity's done.

Drone carried missiles exclusive of sound
Spray innocent blood on contested ground;
Guiltless targets rapt with work and play.
Comes violent death on this routine day  

Inner-city violence, selfish greed,
Wanting and getting distinct from need,
Society devoid of security,
Few children survive to maturity.

Virulent diseases ravage the earth;           
No one could dream how much water is worth;
Entire nations lack necessary food;                       
Disasters transpire as the heavens brood.

Absorbed in our privilege we ignore,
How helpless other humans are offshore.
Can't bother to think, content as we live
But their brief lives measured by what we give.

© Ron Unruh, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014



What would I do without her?
How could I live?
Yet people do go on I know
After a loved one is gone.
She sits outside my window
Sipping coffee in the morning, pensive.
Her profile so familiar to me.
I envision that image missing and stop,
I can't bear the thought, and won't.
Even now my desktop bears her portrait
Happy, smiling in the sunshine by the water.
That's my girl, the young yesterday girl
Same person, seasoned, wiser and so lovely.
I loved her then and love her now, more deeply
With the memories of our years.

By Ron Unruh, August 22, 2014