Thursday, November 22, 2012


Captain Nemo lost faith in humanity and had no interest in the affairs of the world.
Given what we hear and what we see, it would be understandable if more of us developed the same deliberate detachment. But then we would be uninterested in any recovery program. Good thing humanity’s creator did not similarly choose to divorce from his creation.

That observation was prompted as I watched a 2005 movie, Jules Verne's Mysterious Island.  

Entertaining, suspense-filled, and totally fictional.

The Creator of humanity however rather than disconnecting himself from his creation, came to live among us and then sacrificed himself in order to redeem the race and quite noticeably while this too sounds like fiction, it is after all a matter of faith, isn't it?  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I am well aware that I am seventy years of age. I probably spend too much time reflecting upon what this means.  I do not live the quick-paced life that I did a few years ago, when hurrying to be on time at the office, or a meeting or the airport. Then my mind was occupied with tasks and commitments. Not so much any longer.  Living in this retirement segment of my life permits perhaps too much time to consider the things that are happening to me physically. I still go the gym each morning at 6 AM, but that doesn’t eliminate entirely the affects of a lifetime of wear and tear on joints. Osteo-arthritis in certain seasons is problematic for me. I am not pleased that my hearing and my vision is declining and I mention it only because it is noticeable to me now in these past few years.