Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Reminiscing is an occasional enjoyment. The older I become, the further back one can travel for stories, that is, as long as one’s memory delivers. In 2009, Christine and I spent seven weeks in France, one week of which was spent on Guernsey Island in the English channel between Britain and France. Christine’s paternal family (Langlois) originated here. A French speaking island, is unique in that only native born citizens may own land on the island. The wealthiest of people from offshore may only be visitors. One can actually walk around the island if the stamina is there. But for a pittance you can travel all day on the punctual buses. We stayed at a high cliff resort overlooking the channel, looking east to France. Robert and Gloria Langlois, (Christine’s brother) met us there. Perhaps a once in a lifetime joy-filled experience.

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