Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today is My Birthday

Today is My Birthday

Once I was a little boy
Now I am a man
Enjoyed those boyhood years,
Cannot return again.
With passage of years I married well
Fathered a daughter and son
Nurtured them and watched them grow
Each stage was so much fun.
Now I have come this far in life
I am the white haired one
My eyes can see and my hands touch
One, Two, Three grandsons.
Granddaughters? I have two
A young lady and a tot
Each of them loves me
And I love them a lot.
Through the years of my life,
I didn’t think much about heaven
I am considering it now
That I have turned sixty-seven.


  1. Happy Birthday Dad!!!
    I'm so happy that we're able to celebrate this day with you today! It's nice to be closer now! ;)

  2. happy day dad! just remember the lady who's 102...there still may be a whole lifetime ahead!:)

  3. Ha, it's true, you could easily have another 30 great years! A couple of them might be in diapers again, but that's cool...

    Blessings on you! Have a very happy Birthday surrounded by so many that love you so much!

  4. You are all very kind, except Matt. Diaper even!!!

  5. I hope you received my birthday card. After all, it is the only one I have remembered to send in many years. Perhaps I'm missing all you guys out there. Based on the card Ron, my sage advice to you is to keep on picking and grinning.


  6. Well, a belated happy birhtday to Christine's husband!!