Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grandchildren Sleepover and Painting Lesson

This is Boxing Day evening sleep over for five grandchildren with Nana and Papa.
One of the activities was a painting lesson with Papa(Grandpa)- me. All five around the kitchen island with watercolour paper in front of them. We each drew pictures with graphite first and then painted them in.

It takes a Grandma to set this up and pull it off. I would never have the nerve or the patience. But to my amazement, three boy cousins in one bedroom and two female cousins in another large bed and bedroom, went to sleep without hesitation and slept through the night. This morning two boys woke early and I cuddled them in a blanket to watch cartoons, then we had cereal and waited for the others. Grandma sewed the pajamas for all of them.

1 comment:

  1. what beautiful grandkids you have.
    wonderful that they have the opportunity to make memories like staying over at your place with their cousins. those are the things you look back on with love when you get older. happy new year.