Saturday, October 16, 2010


A write-off, bent frame etc
Three of my grandchildren pictured below were in their daddy's car when minutes ago, it was struck by another car - not critical, for which I thank God, but daddy and youngest taken by ambulance for observation. The other two have some cuts.

These three sweet ones are safe
Sunday news: All appear OK, sore and traumatized and we will wait to see their progress.
Wednesday news: The car is a write off. human body Scratches disappearing, and some bruises appearing.
Wednesday one week later: Everyone is AOK. They must purchase another vehicle. They certainly have confidence in the Honda because no door panel or hardware entered the passenger area.

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  1. Yes. Thank God that all of them are okay after such a accident. The vehicle they were in looks like it sustained a lot of damage. We pray especially for the little ones that the trauma of the event they have suffered is replaced by God's peace in their hearts and minds. Thank God for his mercy and protection.