Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Zealand and Australia and South Pacific Islands

Christine and I have just returned from a trip of a lifetime for us, exploring parts of New Zealand and sampling Australia and visiting islands like Fiji and Vanuatu. We count ourselves privileged to have been able to travel around the globe, specially into the heat of summer down under and away from the cool of our BC winter. I bring back hundreds of photos of exotic places and splendid people that I will enjoy turning into paintings on canvas. Ours was only a three week trip but it has brought us much pleasure.


  1. Sounds neat. Gail and I certainly enjoyed our own 3 week trip to Aus and NZ last Nov-Dec.

    Were you on a cruise?


  2. Hi Terry, yes a cruise from Sydney into the islands. 12 days. First spent one week in NZ. Hindsight always informs us that we should have spent more time on our own rather than on the cruise with tiny 5 hr stops in ports. But this was wonderful nevertheless.