Thursday, May 26, 2011


Kailyn far in front - Secretariat
Can you see that small statured girl walking to the line at the rear of the crowd. That is my ten year old granddaughter Kailyn. It may appear like a mismatch, but hold on. It doesn't matter how quickly one walks to the starting line but how confidently, how sure of one's own ability. I am sure that Kailyn had a better idea of what she could capably do than I did as I stood high in the bleachers ready to cheer her on. I could kick myself now for leaving too early. But I was there when she ran the 100 m. The gun went off and in the distance to the left I could see her. She looked like she had a good start and was with the others. But something happened about fifteen of her mini-strides into that race. Some afterburners kicked in and at 25 m she was in the lead. We were standing at the 3/4 marker and we could see that at the 1/2 point, Kailyn was three metres in front of the nearest runners. She came tearing past us, eyes riveted on the finish line, and she was now eight metres ahead of everyone. She blasted the field. She was first!
Kailyn is our Winner

Well she did that in the 200 m as well. First!!!!! Yes, I know everyone gets a ribbon. Everyone is important, and she is First. I am so amazed and so happy for her and so proud that she lets me hug her. Wow! 

She finished third in the 4X100 relay, eighth in the 800 m. Sprinting is her strength.

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