Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I visited Carberry a couple of times when I served as President of the Evangelical Free Churches of Canada
Carberry, Manitoba is a rural farming community outside of Winnipeg. It's located in the prehistoric Upper Assiniboine Delta which is composed of deposits from the glacial spillway which drained meltwater from the receding Laurentian Ice Sheet by way of the Qu'Appelle Channel. Near Carberry, as it moved east the water slowed and delta marshes occurred, which allowed finer particles to settle forming the fertile Carberry Plains. Between 1878 and 1890, thousands of settlers from the East moved to take up the 160 acre homesteads offered by the government of John A MacDonald to settle the Big Plains. Their wives and children began to arrive in 1879, and the farming district of the Carberry Plains was born. Today Carberry's prosperous economic life has become inextricably bound to potato growing and processing. Carberry and the surrounding rural municipality of North Cypress has a combined population of 3400 residents. Carberry is 173 km out of Winnipeg. (Data courtesy of Carberry's A1 website)

I was visiting the congregation of Carberry Evangelical Free Church where Will Feldbush is the pastor on the occasion of this sermon delivered in 2008. The church kept me busy. I spoke five times from Friday night to Sunday night on their missions conference theme, 'For God So Loved the World.' In the video you will immediately get the sense of a small congregation in a small building with a warmth and friendliness between pastor and people. they are a wonderful group. The sermon was missional, reminding believers of what it is with which we have been charged or commissioned.

The video is 43 minutes in length. I preached almost that long, 35 min perhaps. I have been retired since 2008. 

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