Sunday, December 16, 2012


I used to hear that as one ages, the increasing tendency is to look like one's parent. I loved my dad but he lived for 28 years after retirement so I saw what old age is and does. I believe that I have managed to stave off the look alike predictability pretty well, that is, until a few months ago. I suppose it was when I turned 70 in September that I began to acknowledge that I am looking like my father; wearing my teeth like my father; struggling to wage a battle against skin irritations like my father; wearing my pants like my father; wearing my hair as short as my father; beginning to shrink in height like my father, becoming deaf like my father; having sight impairment like my father; living with unfulfilled dreams like my father. I am my father's child. That said, I know that I will do well if I can be as content for the next twenty years as my father was and if when I die, my family loves me as we have loved him. One other commonality with my dad ... I am married to a beautiful woman.

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