Monday, April 1, 2013


 As we have done in past years, Christine and I reserved a table for eleven at the Northview Golf and Country Club Buffet. Our five grandchildren eagerly look forward to eating their favourite indulgences and to getting their faces painted, and watching the slight of hand by one of the best magicians in the business. The six adults in our family group also anticipate being able to sample the variety of savouries and sweets. And the day itself, absolutely stellar, clear sky, bright sun, spring blossoms and flowers and weatherman promises of more days of the same. I love doing this for us all but not sure that the economy of it will be manageable after this year. That's life.

Back to two taxes on all items starting today, Monday. As much as people may not have liked GST, this reversion to the tax system is going to be a pain in the neck. And the redo, I remind you is due to the Liberal Party in power bungling yet another business item. The inept quotient of this government is demonstrably high. We have a provincial election in a couple of weeks and presently the Liberals are running behind the New Democrats which may not be the solution to ineptitude. NDP's track record as a party in power is abysmal here in B.C. So the sun is shining again today but it's grey on the horizon.

That, having been said, Easter Weekend was all about Jesus Christ. This is not an afterthought, even though I may have left that impression. Rather, Good Friday, as is customary, observed the events of that day when Jesus was executed by a first-century Roman form of punishment. His body was removed from the cross and placed into a secure tomb. I was invited to preach at Port Coquitlam Chinese Church and Pastor Tin Pong So was my interpreter. The seeming finality of Christ's death was affected supernaturally by almighty God's purpose for Jesus' incarnation, that is, that sin should be atoned, that death should be conquered and thereby Satan could no longer win victories in human lives. All that was accomplished on the morning that Jesus rose to life again, and appeared to more than 500 people over a space of many days. On Easter Sunday morning, Jeff and Gina and their children Kale and Kadence, and Cari and Tim and their children, Kailyn, Ryan and Jayden attended church in the Cloverdale plant located in the Clova Theatre. Christine and I attended our Fort Langley Evangelical Free Church service. Later we met at Northview.

Everyone came back to our Carriage Home for the afternoon. Kids found easter eggs that Grandma placed outside around the complex. The rest of us sat and sipped and talked and enjoyed a delightful day. To God be the Glory.

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