Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I'm not the primary 'father' on the family celebration day. There is Jeff and Tim as well to receive the appreciation of their respective children. Yet together yesterday, following church, the eleven of us  gathered at the Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club in south Surrey for a salmon BBQ.

Salmon halves are put on a wood fire at the far end after several hours of preparation, and then within 20 minutes of flipping from one side to another, they come down to the near end, perfectly baked.

Joining us was Christine's brother David Langlois, here for a week of business but able to hang with us Saturday and Sunday.
Kailyn, Kadence with Gina

Almost 400 people arrived for the afternoon. Among the activities was a petting station, (explanation needed), for animals, small ones, rabbits and goslings.

Front to Rear Left: Cari, David, Christine, Jeff; Right: Tim, Gina, Kadence

Children were able to get pails of fish fry to release into the stream where they will grow and make their way to the sea.

Jeff had a water-resistant camera with which he took video clips of the fry being released into the water ... see Jeff's Video of the Fish Release

There is a large tract of forested land well marked by volunteers with signage for plant life and wildlife, and it makes a great walk, through old growth stumps and the tall trees that have grown out of them. It was a delightful afternoon and family friendly.

Things to jump, trees to climb, bushes in which to hide, cool paths to explore.

Pausing to think, talk, listen to the sounds of silence

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