Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Some deaths are startling, tragic, not at all easily accepted. They never knew it, but when I was already pastoring and they were missionaries in Zambia, they influenced my walk with Christ. Keith and Cynthia Frew went to Zambia because they were highly motivated by the conviction that unless someone tells people about Christ, people won’t hear, and unless they hear the gospel, they won’t believe and if they don’t believe, they remain lost in their sins. However, if someone trusts in Christ there is a guarantee of eternal life and that means union with Christ, and eventual reunion with all the others who have believed in him. The Frews had years of service behind them already and their three older children, Mark, Nadine, and Rene had remained in Canada for studies while Keith and Cynthia and their fifteen year old son Ian, returned to Zambia where they worked under the auspices of Africa Evangelical Fellowship. During a river trip in Zambia, Keith and Ian and two other men struck some rapids and they spilled into the water. The three men fell from the side of the boat nearest the shore and Ian fell on the other side but all swam for the same nearby shoreline. The men managed to get to shore, but Ian was attacked by a crocodile and was taken under the water. His body was never recovered. The heartbreak was profound and Christians on several continents prayed.

The greatest decision that fifteen-year-old Ian Frew ever made in his life was to trust in Jesus Christ as the way to the Father and to heaven. Ian loved Jesus and committed his life to him. At the time of their family tragedy the Frews were called upon to trust with all their hearts that Christ’s words are true and in that to find comfort.

They live in Abbotsford now and still go back to Africa periodically to teach.

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