Sunday, May 4, 2014


Gina, the birthday girl
This weekend we celebrated Gina's 40th birthday. She is my daughter in law, the only one I have, married to my son Jeff. Gina is the youngest of the six adults in our small cloister of eleven in the  immediate family, with five grandchildren. Now Gina too, has passed the imaginary line into middle age. That doesn't carry the stigma or dread that it once did. Forty is the new beautiful. That's right. My 40-something daughter Cari, is a spectacular blue-eyes blonde with smarts and skills. Now my 40 year old daughter in law Gina, is a ravishing, fun loving, outdoorsy, sports minded, educator mom.

so here we are, adults all over the hill but feeling and looking terrific.

The kicker for this fortieth birthday bash was that Gina asked all guests to come dressed in 80's attire. Sounds like fun right? The 80's were colourful and strange, playful. So how will a guy my age find anything with an 80's flavour that fits a body that has put on a lot of weight and wrinkles? Rent a wig, long hair, attach a braided feather piece hanging from one ear, with black T-shirt and jeans & sandals and bandana around my leg. Willie Nelson came to life. Sure he was around in the 80's and decades before that. Had his greatest hits in the 80's.
Kristin, Wenche, Gina, Cari, Farah AKA Christine

Jeff and Jayson O

Will Nelson

Gina receiving a gift, she sort of liked
Tim, totally astonished to see 

Her most serious moment of the night - she'll hate thus

Farah once again, my date for the evening

And me

Happy Birthday Gina!

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