Friday, April 24, 2015


In this digital culture, much of our online networking is aimed at self-representation and self-exposure, and the use of the first personal pronouns services this preoccupation. In face-on conversation, one might certainly conclude that a person who speaks predominantly about himself or herself is in a personal silo of self-importance. Online social networks coerce subscribers/friends/partners to talk about themselves. The user-friendly web with all of its channels, endorses even inhibited people to exhibit, and private people to self-expose and deceptive people to appear authentic. Privacy and online social networks are mutually exclusive unless one is purely a voyeur and listener. If relationships are a key result area of your life, then you will determine to keep the cell phone in your purse or pocket when you are having conversation and a coffee with a friend; you will discipline yourself to refrain from too much self congratulatory Facebook entries; you will purposely and sincerely ask others how they are and what is happening in their lives before you volunteer your current stories.

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