Sunday, July 19, 2015


A random spout
That's all, not rancorous but attentive to life
As now I live it vigorously, and why not
When already past four score and ten
I contract arduous house-painting opps
Working like a young man, to a loop
Of my choice, Divo, Rod Stewart, Bublé and Phantom
For two coats on a neighbour's walls
Adding money to my Art Fund - my fine art resource
If there's time for canvas between writing and speaking
Long after my challenging professional years
Vested with office and colleagues a seeming lifetime ago,
When in our private home we took privacy for granted,
Then downsized for profit to live in common property
Shared by hundreds whom we hardly know,
Many of whom smoke weed, my unsolicited default fragrance
On a summer evening, at parties held within earshot 
Between midnight and the 5 o'clock train,
Just in time for me to wake for coffee and the gym,
And renters moving in and out and good riddance
Since they care less than owners for our pooled space,
In time as well to see the Donald,
Announced Republican candidate for U.S. Pres
Who surprised Nasa scientists with New Horizons spacecraft photos of Pluto.
Life is anything but uninteresting, when my ears need aids,
And my car needs a soft top, and my wife needs cataract surgery,
And my nearest neighbour needs a detox centre
And my grandkids long board to our house
Where cantaloupe and conversation and water satisfy them.
In our uncommon prolonged summer heat
My raised bed garden yields zucchinis
Tomatoes flourish high on towering plants
And fragrant roses flower for all to enjoy.  

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