Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chicken Galantine - unbelievably good

Last evening, we dined at an outdoor bistro called 'Adieu Les Gens,' rather inconspicuously tucked away in Cloverdale. It is virtually a 'by invitation only' dining establishment. Featured last night was a Chicken Galantine, exquisitely prepared and presented by chef de cuisine Jeffroi and his fellow cusinier Gigi. This dish was chicken delicately deboned, and stuffed with pork and choritzo and olives and seasonings, enclosed within the rolled and tied meat. 
Enhancing the primary item was a flavourful assortment of sautéed vegetables and small potatoes. The 600-degree wood fired outdoor oven made this dish appealingly lovely to look at and to taste - out of this world. Made me think that I was in France. Made we want to fly there.  We hugged the proprietors and staff. Great establishment. We'll be back.

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