Friday, February 12, 2016


CRANDALL’S DOOR for the Kobo Version FREE
and here is the Kindle Version CRANDALL’S DOOR, FOR .99 … just the way it happens

DOWNLOAD your copy of my ebook Children’s Novel, called Crandall’s Door. Written for children 11+years but good for adults of all ages.


Enchanted doors are commonplace in fictional literature but this one is real. Michael and Allison Sorenson know that first hand because they experience it. This is more than a magic door story. This is a story of survival and of revelation. Michael and Allison manage to stay alive. Concerned that the lumber industry may be impacting the Spotted Owl population, wildlife biologist Rod Sorenson moved his family to Forks, Washington, a lumbering town. His wife Linda is a stay-at-home mom and novelist. Children Michael (14) and Allison (12), become seriously ill shortly after moving into the home that their parents purchased. The previous home owner Dielbert Crandall, lost his wife to cancer and lost hope and disappeared but not before building a large mahogany door on which he carved an ominous image. During their life threatening illness, the unconscious children battle for life and they also learn a clue, which upon their recovery from the dream state, eventuates in the real life discover of the missing man, Crandall. This is the first volume in the Sorenson Series. Unruh Young Readers Group, Ages 11 up.

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