Saturday, June 11, 2016


I have been busily engaged in so many other places than here. Life is full.

I have American friends, some of whom support Trump. This is actually what an American friend wrote today. "How to consider Trump. Learn to listen with a filter. Filter out the noise and only attend and hear the content. You will like what you now hear."

            To which I said, "I was wondering how my friends arrived at peace with a Trump endorsement. A filter, that's it. A filter to filter out Trumpisms. A filter that delivers only authentic policy.  The downside is that the filter is effective for only pre-election months, after which it becomes reality-degradable. Alas, the filter cannot eliminate the toxicities of the true Trump. The seeming unalloyed policy will be serviced by an unfiltered oval office occupant.
            Further, hindsight will reveal that the personal cost of filter development was enormous for the otherwise conscientious voter. A case could also be made for a Hillary filter. It would require entirely different criteria and variables. It may even require greater effort and filtration to endorse another Clinton.

            When the campaigns began, every voter employed a filter. As candidates fell away, filters became more complex to impede the contaminants so voters could be comfortable with remaining candidates. Until we are here, with a choice between two residual candidates that demands that voters delude themselves."

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