Saturday, November 5, 2016


The light of my new 50-watt flood lamp will last longer than I do. If I let it shine 24/7 it will shine for 15 years.  My genetics project me that far without guarantees. Think of it, my Phillips 50-watt lamp and its two siblings in the 3-pack, will each glow through three more US Presidential campaigns and be on the cusp of a fourth. From north of the 49th Parallel, this Presidential amusement is spectator sport held every 4 years like the Olympics, Football World Cup, UEFA European Championship, and Rugby World Cup but is comparatively more costly.


IF President Trump wakes up Nov 9th.
§  2017 trade war with China; 45% imports tariff
§  2017 trade war with Mexico; 35% imports tariff
§  China & Mexico go into recession; block US businesses
§  US businesses lose 7 million jobs
§  Soaring US inflation, recession, even depression
§  U.S. renegotiates NAFTA
§  Repeal Obamacare; 24 million without insurance.
§  Deportation 2 million illegal immigrants; cost $20 billion
§  Huge tax cuts > spending cuts > job loss
§  Halting immigration from Terror prone countries
§  Pull out of Trans-Pacific Partnership and Paris climate-change agreement
§  Cancel US climate change programs
§  Devalues ally nations risking international instability
§  military standoff with China in South China Sea
§  military standoff with North Korea
§  resumption of waterboarding
§  federal agencies go after Hillary Clinton

IF President Clinton wakes up Nov 9th.
§  Comes into office under criminal investigation
§  Scandals and Wikileaks never go away
§  foreign policy and national security platform follows Obama's
§  builds on Obama’s affordable universal health care
§  a Paycheck Fairness Act to challenge sex-based pay discrimination
§  Increases minimum wage to $12 or $15; requires Congressional approval
§  Creates a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants
§  Deports criminal illegal immigrants
§  Republican House resists all Clinton moves
§  Her administration raises tax for ultra wealthy
§  Withdraws from the Trans Pacific Partnership
§  Eliminates tuition for families with income less $125,000/yr
§  amends constitution to undue Citizens United (super PACS)
§  Expands background checks for gun sales

§  Increases federal infrastructure funding $275 billion over 5 yrs. (bridges, highways, airports

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