Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Well I’m awake & it’s 5:45am but that’s to be expected since it’s 8:45 am Eastern time & my body is still there. Flew the Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner, decidedly luxurious for high paying customers. Economy class (where we live) delivers more leg room and good ventilation & that’s it. You buy everything else on board. Flight was late in departing - grounds crew problems, 1.15 hr delay as we sat already boarded, but pilots made up time getting to Van. Should have been 10:15pm arrival but was 10:55pm which was 1:55am on our bodies … and Gina and Jeff and Kale picked us up. Kady was having a sleepover w/a friend. 2:30am before we slept. I have a feeling this will be a day with frequent naps. I manage those capably. Looking ahead to air travel in 2050, I will be 108 yrs old. Any way I look at it, I am, and I will be, happy to be Home.

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