Monday, February 26, 2018


This was unexpected to me. Last year was my first year as a marshall and starter at Pagoda Ridge Golf Course. I supposed that for those of you who have been there longer this was an anticipated annual event. The e-note as I read it was simply an invitation to us all to attend the season opening celebration. When I arrived, I was stunned at the level of organization. Dreams are under no obligation to divulge all the details of what made this so impressive, so I am uncertain whether the large banqueting rooms were off site or under enormous tents on site on the course. My fantasy suggested we were at Pagoda Ridge. As soon as I arrived I was handed a garment bag and was directed to a change room.  I walked past colleagues like Bryan and Tom, Stuart and Jack and there was Lenny, each of you seated cross-legged and imperial in brown three-piece pin striped suits and polished brown dress shoes. I moved past Pam, Cindy, Tammy, Char and Pat in their charming light blue or coral orange dresses and stylish blue slacks and complimentary colour tops, wine glasses in hand. In the change room I unzipped the garment bag to find that I too had a brown pinstriped suit that fit perfectly. I thought immediately that someone must have called Christine to inquire about my shirt, suit and shoe sizes. This is how all these rainy and frozen ground weeks had been spent by a handful of planners. I asked myself, what clothing rental store has enough brown suits to accommodate this party. This was an extravagant gala beyond anything I could have imagined. We were directed to a banqueting area and as we moved, conversing and smiling at one another, I lamentably began to lose sight of all of you, and woke up … so here I am with my coffee, a typed paragraph and my gym bag. In a few minutes I'll head to the gym through slush as the big snowfall continues to melt away.  

Please don't get your nose out of joint if I didn't mention you by name. It's not my fault. Dreams are notoriously unpredictable.

(I sent this to maybe 40 fellow staff at the Pagoda Ridge Golf Course on February 25, 2018. Rain, snow and frozen ground has closed the course for most days in 2018, so far, but soon, we will be there again.)

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