Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This Blog will Change - Look for it on July 13

For the next several days, I am reconsidering and redeveloping this blog. The site is undergoing changes. For the past year it has served as an outlet for me to express many of my observations about retirement. Yesterday I realized that in many of my postings I had digressed from this purpose to comment about numerous other day to day and world events and people. That confuses blog readers.

I intend to refocus this site and to assist this, I have begun a new blog called GPS. GPS will allow me to speak to the issues of the day as well as to general topics of interest, all within the framework of a biblical world view. You will see the link to it on the right sidebar. Please bookmark and try it and I will welcome your examination of the first few subjects of interest, the first of which was about the person who dominated the news that day, July 8 2009, Michael Jackson. Memoirs will now contain bio stories only.

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