Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Squirrel Meister

I stamped his passport today. I have waited for several days. Today was the day.

A grey squirrel decided last week to make his home, his nest, perhaps his/her nursery in my garage soffit. I saw the squirrel entering a hole one day and knew I was in for a challenge. I tried boarding the whole and he chewed through the wood. I reboarded, and he simply chewed a larger hole up higher in the softer soffit wood.

I did my research, reading all I could online. I bought a havaheart trap and it has been waiting for him now for three days. Each day he came out in the morning, entered to look and taste the peanut butter and even took a couple of shelled peanuts. Yesterday I placed peanuts with shells at the entrance and today he took one on two separate occasions and then proceeded to take the peanut over the roof, along the fence, into the neighbour's yard and up into a tree at the back of their place. While he was gone I placed the peanuts behind the trap trigger plate so he would have to step on it to access the nuts. HE CAME, HE TOUCHED, I CONQUERED AND HE'S GONE.

I placed the cage with squirrel into my trunk, with a blanket over the cage to subdue the anxiety, transported him 10 kilometres to Redwood Park and let him go. If he returns he has to actually have a good GPS, be able to swim a small river or cross a busy bridge.

Now I have a cage. And I think that I will hire myself out. Do you have squirrel problems? Drop me a note. Perhaps I can help, for the price of my travel to set up the trap and to take the trophy away. Seriously.

Trap cost me $80.00 & made a round trip of 20 kms and have to buy some soffit wood - it was an expensive visitor.

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  1. I have met some pretty squirrelly people - think it might work to get rid of them?