Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today, my oldest grandson Ryan (9) and I saw the opening showing of The Adventures of Tin Tin, in 3D. We were at the Colossus Theatre. One week ago I invited him via an email sent to his mother which she shared with him. His happy reaction was “He’s taking only me?” So we both waited with anticipation. I booked tickets for us through my SCENE points card, so we gained admission at no cost at the gate, FREE. An inexpensive afternoon. My intention was to go early enough to get the best spots in the room. It was a 12:40 pm start so I picked him up at 11:30 am. That meant that we had a little more than one hour. We shared some French fries, $5.00. Then we ordered our bags of popcorn and containers of coke, $23.00.

Ryan Sept 2010
With provisions in hand we received our 3D glasses and entered showing room #11. We were the first ones inside and that was exhilarating. We had already scored, and we climbed to the second row from the projectionist wall. Sat in the middlemost two sets, and waited for 35 minutes. But that meant we saw all of the previews and ads and could get a jump on that popcorn and pop. Ryan excused himself within ten minutes to visit the washroom. Then they did some 3D test previews and were instructed to put on our 3D glasses. Ohhhh! A jet aircraft came flying at us and stopped inside the theatre and hovered over our heads. And then Tin Tin began. What an experience. At first I thought I might get a bit queasy but soon found my 3D legs. Ryan on the other hand found the movement gave him a slight headache so he watched the movie minus the specks. It was a great flick. Half way through Ryan again took a leave to relieve himself. A full litre of theatre pop is a challenge to contain. The movie was a hit with me, good, good, fun. And then when I took Ryan home, he gave me a hug of thanks, and later when I was leaving he was suddenly there beside me hugging me again. Dollars well spent. Which way to the washroom?


  1. What a great day you had! A memory maker for sure. Some of my favourite reading growing up was The Adventures of Tintin. I'll have to wait for my turn to see it. Merry Christmas Ron! Have a wonderful time of celebration with your family!

  2. Thank you Dan, and I know that you and Marlene will have a happy celebration of Christmas at your home and in your church. May God give you joy and blessing. Enjoy the snow. We have a forecast of rain on Christmas Day, not as much fun.