Saturday, December 31, 2011


It was Grandchildren’s SleepOver Night. On Friday night, four of our five grandchildren were with us. It was designed with bonding in mind for Christine and me and the children, as well as night off for their parents. We went for a rather cold walk at White Rock Beach waterfront. We found that Andy’s Ice Cream Emporium was closed but the children saw him inside, so we turned around and stopped in front. He knows our grandchildren very well and he opened for us, so they all got a pre-supper double cone with sprinkles on top. Then we drove home for pizza.
Following that we had a painting session and each child painted an acrylic painting of a theme of his or her choice, Rainbow, Apples, Rocket, and Truck. And then sleep - wait, not so fast. First there is PJ changes, and then teeth brushing, oh forgot toothbrush so use of fingers, then the read a story, say a prayer, and then lights out, and so begins the talking and laughing, and talking and then finally, silence. And then Kailyn the oldest (11) joins the tribe. She was out with her school class for a party. And 4 year old Kadence stayed awake until Kailyn arrived. Then the two of them chatted in the dark for an hour. And in the morning, Grandma (Nana) made pancakes but not before we did a group shot, well, not including me, the shooter. Grandma and the children, first sad, then elated, and then a great happy memory photo.

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  1. I love it!!! Glad you had fun with our kids and thanks for giving Tim & I some time alone together! ;)