Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our lovely home is listed. You can tour with a 360 degree view here.
We have lived here for twenty years.

So many memories were born here.

At first Christine and I were alone in the house.
Then, Jeff lived here while attending university.
Following university in Winnipeg, Cari moved here to live with us.
Brother and sister each in their twenties, living with mom and dad in a spacious home. Their friends came, hung out.

We entertained. Scores of people at a time sometimes and intimate dinner parties on other occasions.
Both Jeff and Cari were 29 years of age when they married their sweet hearts. First Cari to Tim. I can remember Cari on her wedding day, standing at the grand fireplace, and I looking down with admiration and love on my girl who on that day would pledge herself to another man. Gorgeous woman she was then and is today. And now she has given me three grandchildren.
And Jeff, well he was my little boy once, towering over me on his wedding one year later as he expressed his love for Gina. I am so proud of that man, a teacher, a noble profession. And he has given me two grandchildren.

The home would be so much less than it has been if not for Christine. She is the idea person, the visionary, the organization, the generously spirited woman, always a giver and welcoming host. So we have partied and celebrated and laughed and also grieved deeply at times within these walls.
The walls themselves have all experienced different colours for different seasons of our life together. We never thought that we could let this place go. Now we have together accepted that it is time, but that doesn't diminish the tug when nostalgic thoughts surface, frequently.

It will be a wonderful home for someone else. That's what we would like. Some family well suited to enjoy it to the max.

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