Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soul Cravings Art Show!

Okay that was fun.
On Saturday the 25th, the same day that I held my garage in frigid February temperatures, I attended a special event at which I showed my paintings.

It was the first of possibly other Coffee House Art Show evenings entitled "Soul Cravings" hosted by Breakthrough, a division of Power to Change here in Langley, at 20385 64th Ave. Other artists were there: Jeanie Shilton, Alison Philpott, Donna Leavens, Meghan Bustard, Brian Buhler, Daniel Giesbrecht, Michael J. Reah, I.J.Baerg

Power to Change have this impressive rotunda area, a room really with high and low tables and comfortable leather chairs and loveseats and a center 4-sided column with a large screen monitor on each side. In that room some great food was served and live music was played and conversations were evening long. Good venue.

The evening was a pleasant experience for me with enjoyable conversations with many people, some tasty food, and I sold one painting.  

There may be an attempt to purchase the old Rogers video building on 56B Ave in Langley to create a Coffee House, and multi-purpose ministry centre in the downtown Langley area.

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