Saturday, August 11, 2012


It was on the Twelfth of August 1967 that Christine married me. She was a beautiful bride. She could be nothing less. I was bronzed from summer work on a road building crew. It was sunny and warm Garden City Day (St. Catharines, ON).

Months earlier, Christine had accepted my marriage proposal offered at nearby Niagara Falls. In the company of our many college friends and our family members we exchanged promises that we intended to keep as long as we each would live. Now 45 years later we are still on track. She has been a patient woman, a resourceful wife, an enthusiastic partner, a devoted mother. I have loved her eyes, her smile, her positive outlook, her generous spirit and her independence. Much of my reputation and accomplishment is due to my relationship to Christine Frances May Langlois. She meant what she said to me 45 years ago and I am grateful. I love her.

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