Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Monday was travel day again. We said goodbyes to Jeff and family as they prepared to drive directly back to St. Catharines where they stayed until their flight back to Vancouver on Wednesday morning. Wednesday is Gina’s and Jeff’s 13th Wedding Anniversary.

Ferndale Bible Church
Christine and I instead took Hwy #7 to the city where I pastored Ferndale Bible Church from 1974-1981. Our children began their schooling here at Kawartha Heights Elementary School. We lived in a parsonage separated from the church by the church parking lot. The parsonage has now been sold and pastors are provided a stipend that enables them to purchase their own homes. The church appears much as it did when we were here but with some interior design changes. Christine and I had opportunity to speak with Pastor Peter Keniphaas and Pastor Jim Welch.  We knew Peter from his years serving a church on Vancouver Island. Jim was a small boy when I pastored the church. He grew up, married, has a family, became a realtor, and then as it turned out was invited to become an associate pastor here. There are so many friends in this city whom we wish we could have arranged to meet.
During these two days we have enjoyed the friendship of our dear friends Paul and Janice Bunn. Paul is employed as the long-time manager of Queen's Crown Antiques, a high end store of collectibles, furniture, porcelains, paintings, you name it from the UK. He is a gifted antique assessor, millinery practitioner, dress maker and through the years he has been very kind to us. Their lakeside home at Upper Chemong Lake provides a pristine view of the water in all seasons, and a respite from the city at any time. I have visited them here on numerous occasions through the years.
Queen's Crown Products


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