Friday, October 19, 2012



Overcast day – overnight rain
Most pleasure crafts moored.
Marina life slow but for sailboats heading out to catch the wind,
Crews of eight.

Trawlers dockside on Saturday,
A work day still, not on the waves but in port,
Repairing nets and ropes, scrubbing, maintaining,
A steady pace, some heavy but untiring, efficient
With animated Italiano, strong-voiced conversation
Through lips tightly holding cigarettes, always.

Ready for a new week here in Fiumicino,
Home for fisherman, out early each morning
Returning at 1800 hours to waiting locals and merchants
Eager for the day’s catch,
Transferred to patrons in Rome and nearby ristorantes.
The fragrance of sea mingles with the smell of diesel and tobacco.

Shortly it looks like a rain again, announced by sizzling lightning,
Crashing clamor and rain storms like a veil dropping
Moving shoreward, and the sailboats turn and head for home.
Waiting, all of us, long enough and the sun appears once more.

Written by Ron Unruh, October 13, 2012 watching from a Fiumicino window on a typical day in the Italian port.

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