Saturday, October 20, 2012


The Colosseum

In my life a second time I have walked here trouble free,
A spectator unlike those who populated benches
When once luckless creatures died.
A skeleton almost, imposing still with ancient strength,
Noiseless now but for the clicks of shutters, thousands daily,
Where once voices brashly cried.

Images of early stone for the people back at home.
Imagining the macabre carnage in the name of Rome.

A reformist culture, progressive we presume to be.
We wince that a society could delight in death as sport
Amusement at little cost.
Globally our race still honours those who contest to win
Risking injury and inflicting pain, applauding them,
Savagery - little is lost.

Images in high def and digitally screened at home.
Diffident revisions of first century sport in Rome.

Written by Ron Unruh, October 18, 2012 reflecting upon a visit to historic Amphitheatre of Rome.

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