Monday, January 28, 2013


This is the logo of Mission Fest, recognizably registered and used here simply to draw attention to a remarkable gathering of Christian agencies, service organizations, schools, camps and missions both local and international.
Each year a three-day conference is held under this name here in Vancouver and in other major cities across Canada. Informative programs, seminars and exhibits interest, enlighten, and recruit thousands of people because there is something for every age group.

For someone like my wife Christine or I, a meander through the great room filled with rows of displays and booths becomes a mini reunion. A lifetime of schooling and ministry and related activities has brought us friendships with so many people whom we otherwise could not see, apart from this gathering. Unlike me, who has stepped away from formal Christian work altogether, many of my colleagues are still involved, either because they are a few years younger or because they don’t know any better. Oh of course, the geezers love what they do and they feel called of God to continue. It is encouraging to see the vast number of younger people populating booths of all sorts representative of both their ministries and also that God’s work around the world has an ongoing and vibrant future. They are ministries of all sorts, from comforts prisoners, to digging wells, to operating camps, to fixing teeth, to feeding people on the downtown eastside of Vancouver, to educating the next generations. It’s all there.

But I have to underscore, that for Christine and I, yesterday was a delight because we could spend time with people about whom we care a great deal, friends, past and present, sharing stories and memories and catching up. What a great opportunity! 

             The Big fat, happy multi-cultural mission team        
             Clean Water and A Clean Heart
This was this year's theme. Not novel, but it sums up what these few days are about.

This was a promotional video

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