Sunday, December 8, 2013


It is still important to pray for Selah two weeks after this initial entry. Here is what I wrote on Dec 8th 2013.

Selah is a beautiful child. Here she is years ago as a small think. Facially, she today is strikingly similar in appearance but she has stretched and the only picture I have of her as the tall slender child she is now is rather obscured below.

She is unwell presently and this is a great concern to her parents Eric and Beth (Unruh) Woelk. Beth is my niece, Murray and Diane Unruh's daughter.

She will be further examined and tested and diagnosed this week. This extended family is praying for God's intervention, to identify the issues and prescribe the treatment that restores her to health.

Today, Christmas day, I have learned that she is still very tired, weak, anemic and this is as yet unexplained; further tests must be carried out over the next weeks. We love her very much.

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