Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Tomorrow it will be 2014. An entire year opens before me. Even at my age that speaks of potential for rewarding and productive activity. I am grateful for my health. I have my complaints but I'm OK.

I have much to which to look forward.

I have the opportunity
for the next two months to preach at Abbotsford Evangelical Free Church throughout January and February. I have committed to preaching through Paul's letter to the Colossians during those eight weeks. This is a privilege for me. Of my numerous responsibilities during my years as a pastor was the preparation and delivery of sermons and I sought to research and to write a relevant and reliable message each week. Assisting people to understand the Bible and to apply appropriate lessons to life is gratifying to me.

I also intend this year to paint more. Of course my fine art painting is more of an avocation than a job or a livelihood, but I have managed in five years to have most of my scores of paintings hanging on the walls of friends and acquaintances. They have been purchased or they have been given as gifts. I desire to kind of, rebrand myself artistically. It's a wish more than a resolve. I want to nail down my style, so that a piece of art is easily identifiable as mine. I have had a website for a few years as well as a Facebook Art Gallery page and that provides exposure. I plan to hold a major show sometime this year, perhaps in autumn, prior to Christmas 2014.

I look forward to a couple of events, one in March when Christine and I take two of our grandsons to a Harlem Globetrotters game. Then in April, Christine and I will have a date night at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to take in an Il Divo concert.

Our tentative plans are also to travel, and among the options perhaps are a revisit to France, or a new visit to Spain or Scandinavia, or Alsace or a return to Italy. We will see as time goes on.

And I must say that I am happy to have my two children's families within ten minutes of our home so that our lives intersect with regularity, and Christine and I desire and intend to leave as part of our legacy, a memorable influence in our grandchildren's hearts.

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