Monday, February 3, 2014

First 2014 Painting Project - Me and the Grandboys

Too many projects on the go, many of them having to do with putting words on a screen. That explains the long delay for an entry here. One of the projects however, relates to telling a story without words, and with which I am most pleased - a large painting, 30X24 inches, oil on canvas, which I meant to do for years. I finally accepted the challenge with some confidence that I could achieve it. I began before Christmas and with brief daily painting episodes, I am now 6 weeks into the scene.
Ryan (6), Papa, Jayden (4) and Kale (4) back in 2008

The summer that I retired, August 2008, all eleven of us, my daughter’s family of five and my son’s family of four plus Christine and me, rented a cottage in Tulameen, B.C. Our children have blessed us with five grandchildren, three boys and two girls. One morning all three boys were hanging with me, Papa, and they had parked around and on top of me as I told them a story or two. The moment was preserved digitally and I have treasured the memory and the relationship depicted in that image.We lay on an enormous green leather couch, with large windows casting magnificent morning light on us. Otter Lake was a short walk away across the back garden grass. At the moment I am considering placing vertical blinds over the window, which will almost obscure the lake scenery so that it does not become a competing focal point. The original photo contained the blinds but nothing can be seen through them. I may make the blinds a bit more veneer, providing a hint of that holiday venue. During the past five years of my retirement I have painted many paintings and perhaps 60% hang on the walls of collectors. This one is being completed for me, to hang on the wall above my work surface where I can daily revisit that endearing moment. One day someone else in the family can hang it in their homes. The painting is nearing completion, perhaps 80% done, with the couch needing refinement as well now. The biggest challenge, the facial likenesses and clothing have been completed to my satisfaction, or perhaps, to the best of my ability given the low definition of the photographic references.  

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