Monday, March 10, 2014


It was Saturday March 8th and once again it was Ice Cream Cone Day for our family. Each year for the past few years we have celebrated the birthday of my father, Edward Richard Unruh, born March 8th 1915 and who passed away in 2008. When I was a boy one of the biggest treats dad could give us was a stop at the Ice Cream parlour. We thought he was doing it for us but as we grew older we realized that ice cream was one of his favourite foods. I was a nine year old walking with him, each with a cone in hand, and as we turned a corner several blocks away from the ice cream shop, he said, "that tasted like more." So we turned around and went back for a second. Those little pleasures were infrequent in those days, but memorable. As a senior he could be driving in a car with us and spot an ice cream sign and clearly indicate that he thought it was time to stop for a treat. Our family of eleven here in B.C. celebrate the day. I know in other years my brothers in Ontario have done the same.

This past Saturday, we met at our home, with several ice cream flavours and cones ready, and the understanding that you could have as many cones as you could eat. It doesn't get crazy, just fun. So, dessert first, then pizza, and a little while later, dessert again.   Thanks Dad.

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