Monday, September 12, 2016

boyhood sketch 15. FRENCH KISSING

Times Square VJ Day Kiss
My friend Joey Daniels lived around the corner on Raymond Street. He had two sisters, Pat and Geraldine. Pat was about two years older than Joey and me, and Geraldine was a year younger. All of this is approximate. In our neighbourhood we filled our time with all kinds of activities of our own invention. The Anglican Church was on one side of Robertson Public School and First United Church was on the other side of the school.  This was one of the most curious.  On a couple of occasions, we went into the back yard of St. George's Anglican Church, secluded, shaded with green bushes and trees. By 'we' I mean Pat and Geraldine and one other girl and a couple of other boys and me. We sat cross-legged in a circle and either a girl or a guy spun an empty bottle on the ground. The spinner had to kiss whomever, of the opposite sex mind you, the bottle pointed to. It was all done comically and demonstrably, with cheers and whooees. The object was to duplicate what we thought was a French kiss. Kissers would stand up, face each other and the guy would put an arm around the back of the female and bend back as far as he could hold her and give her a smooch. We would plant our feet so we could almost touch the back of the girl's head to the ground and would hold the smooch as long as we dared. I liked kissing Geraldine the best.

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