Sunday, September 4, 2016

boyhood sketch 8. DIMES, DIMES, DIMES

dimes, dimes, dimes
Even our extended family was a church going family, not all to the same church, but they were Christian people. 

Aunt Gladys in retirement 
One of my aunts, Aunt Gladys was a single woman when she went to New Guinea as a missionary. This was a big deal. To kids like me, it was exciting because many family members travelled to Toronto International Airport as it was called, to bid her farewell. 

Upon arrival at the airport, the drivers parked the cars and as a group we made our way to the terminal. Turnstiles required each person passing through to put a dime in a slot and to carry on. I noticed that a dime was stuck in one of the turnstiles. I also noticed a paper clip on the ground. What can I say. It was perfectly clear to me that they were made for each other. With a bend of a paper clip and a quick flick of the wire the dime came out. Soon a gentleman came by and put in another dime and curiously the turnstile arm allowed him through but the dime remained visible. I flicked it free. Then I hid. One after another, people paid and I collected. (All part of being a kid finding his way in life, practicing choices and learning right from wrong, learning good and learning guilt, and finally learning forgiveness.) 

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