Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christine and I are investing 10 days in another Habitat for Humanity project beginning today. We will be involved with a team of 14 people. They cary in age from mid twenties to near fossils like me. We will work at a house construction site that has already begun. Foundation and perhaps flooring board is down. We have a chance to begin framing walls. That’s fun, specially if you can push them into place and see the walled hime take shape. The new owners will likely be there to talk with us. That’s a joy. These are families who otherwise may never own their own home. It’s not a free house. People pay a reasonable price but a fraction of the actual cost, and they contribute many hours to building someone else’s home. Only island residents are entitled to apply for a H4H home. Did you read the word 'island.’ Well of course, when we have December chills here, the optimum place to volunteer time is Hawaii. This time it is the island of Oahu. Why not?

This is my own scribble drawing. This is attractive Main House at the Baptist Conference Centre where we are bunking. And I do mean bunking because we don’t stay in this stately place but in bunk house on the property. On our work days we take off at 6:30am and travel to the work site and put in a day of work. I can hardly wait. It’s productive and it is helping someone.
We also have some leisure days scheduled where we see the island, sit at the beach, prowl beach stores.

On this particular trip Christine’s brother Robert Langlois has joined us. The three of us are going to have a wonderful time working and playing. We are even there for the surfing championships at the north shore where the notoriously tall waves break. Tell you more later perhaps. Another scribble drawing anticipates the surfing.

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