Friday, December 1, 2017

The Workplace is Going to Change

Sexual harassment - the rush of offending men may soon require a hashtag similar to 'Me too' that went viral, becoming a movement of women announcing their experiences of physical & sexual assault or harassment by named men. Perhaps 'Him Too' will do. Now TSN sports analyst Greg Zaun is gone, gone, gone; fired by Rogers for 'inappropriate behaviour & comments.’  

Where once women at work or in social situations felt compelled to passively or silently accept male presumptions that it was okay to touch women, undress them, be undressed in their presence, speak to them with sexually explicit thoughts and suggestions, they no longer do. They won’t be silent. Thy won’t stand for it. Society is on alert. Men will change. They must. Their own reputations and careers depend upon a upgraded conscience and conduct. I say that with respect because it is right and good.

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