Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bathroom Breaks

Men/Women, Male/Female, Amigo/Amigal, Him/Her, He/She, Senior/Seniora. I am seeing a lot of these signs these days. More frequently than at any other time in my life.

Recently two friends joined Christine and I for a four day holiday. One day I was asking to stop every half hour. It’s not that I like to see the d├ęcor in a wide variety of restrooms. I had to go.

In the past year of my working career, I was visiting the Men’s Room often during the course of the day. My executive assistant’s desk was located near the door to the hallway that leads to washrooms. One of my associates was a few years older than me. No two employees moved through those doors more frequently than the two of us. I don’t know whether it became laughable to my assistant, but the frequency of our visits were not lost on us. I became embarrassed to be leaving again. I would find legitimate secondary reasons to leave the office suite so I could cover another pit stop by running an errand. Sometimes I used the little used other door exited through the storage area.

Sleeping through the night? Forget it. Nighttime potty trips even have a name, nocturia. Now I have someone telling me that ageing is not the only necessary contributor to this potty penchant. He is telling me it can be diabetes, diuretics, medicines, bladder dysfunction and cancer, or prostate enlargement. Guys, you may want to read this Healthline page and type in a related subject.

This part of ageing bites.

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