Sunday, January 11, 2009

At the Crossroads again

I am going to make it easy for myself. I ran out of time for a researched post so I will simply tell you that on Saturday Christine and I attended a wedding - a rather unique wedding. A youngish father of five children, divorced, married a woman nearly his age who was unmarried and had never before been married. She became the instant step mother of five children. She is brave, good for him, and will be a pleasant female influence upon those children. They truly care for her. The couple is deeply in love with one another. It's a redemptive story through and through.

They used a Brian Doerksen song called 'Lead Us Lord,'the words of which may be an encouragement to you for life situations quite unrelated to this couple's.

Here we stand
At a crossroads again
Like you said
In time the seasons change

Looking back
We recall the blessing and the pain
But now we turn our hearts toward
What is still to come
We want to dream again

Lead us Lord
Into a life of fruitfulness
Prepare our hearts to risk again
As we trust
Taking simple steps of obedience we know
That you will lead us Lord.

Look at Brian Doerksen's site if you like to find music you may want in your home or on your ipod.

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