Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year's resolution

Well there goes that! I have already broken my resolution not to write anything about New Year’s resolutions. It’s an irresistible theme. Sorry. Perhaps by the end my apology will seem unnecessary.

Typically a resolution at the New Year marks a person’s commitment to some self improvement project or lifestyle change or habit reformation with the intent that the resolve be year long or until fulfilled. To that end people predictably choose to such resolutions as weight loss, debt reduction, physical exercising, eating properly, drinking less or no alcohol, cessation of smoking, being less grumpy or angry are common. A study reveals that 52% of resolute people expect to succeed but only 12% achieve it. Men succeed 22% more often when they set S.M.A.R.T goals, (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based) such as losing one pound per week rather than a non specific “lose weight” objective. Men benefit from looking at rewards. Women succeed 10% more often when their goals are made public with the support of friends.

When it comes to spiritually minded people desiring something more profound in their experience with God, resolutions are sometimes of assistance. The full and original draft of ‘Five Resolves for Personal Revival’ is found at author Jim Elliff’s website for Christian Communicators Worldwide. Here are several statements of resolve that could not only affect a 2009 different from past years, but also accomplish a lifetime transformation.

1. I will not go to bed this evening nor live this day without fully repenting of all known sin against God.
2. I will not to go to bed this evening nor live this day without removing from my life every habit or activity I cannot be absolutely sure is approved by God.
3. I will not to go to bed this evening nor live this day without doing all that is possible to correct any wrongs between myself and others.
4. I will not to go to bed this evening nor live this day without spending quiet moments with God in prayer and sincerely meditating on His Word.
5. I will not to go to bed this evening nor live this day without asking and expecting God to use me as an effective instrument of revival in someone's life.

I love writing comedic, sometime romantic, sometimes enlightening material, yet there are times when earnestness forbids anything but gravity. My own spirit is touched by my personal need in life to revisit these resolves and not just for one day.

Elliff also recommends daily review and application of all five resolutions and when resolve becomes tired, admission of the weakness to God and resistance to the easy road to resign. Finding some friends with a similar desire to be holy and enjoying the values of mutual encouragement and authenticity is recommended. Then expect God to empower these personal resolves because they please Him.

May we move forward together in 2009.

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