Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have only until February 22nd to complete and send my resume and video application. I think I have found my perfect retirement employment. It requires that I work only twelve hours per month for a six month term of service. Part of my responsibility will be to feed island turtles, feed the fish, whale watch, clean the pool when the filter misses an odd scrap and pick up island mail. I am to explore the nearby islands to see what they offer and then to provide a weekly blog update. Good communication skills are a prerequisite and I think I have that wrapped up. I have a relatively new Nikon DX80 for photos to illustrate the blog entries. I think that I can do this.

I will need to relocate to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. Specifically the job location is Hamilton Island. There is clearly some isolation pay factored into the compensation, $100,000 Canadian ($150,000 AUD), plus use of a luxury villa. My airfare will be paid from Vancouver and all accommodation, transportation, travel insurance and equipment for the job will be provided. My job will begin July 1, 2009 and be a six month contract. I believe I want to do this job.

So, Christine and I have plans until early June and we will only have a few weeks to prepare before we leave for Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. You will be able to read my Barrier Blog every week until January 1, 2010. I return in time for the Olympics and all our house guests during the games.
Look at the Best job in the World website.
Video clip of my new home, Hamilton island
My best job competition so far.

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