Monday, May 21, 2012


I officiated an international marriage yesterday afternoon. Patricia, a native from Mexico and living now in Canada, and Roman, a citizen of Kazakhstan, now resident and working in Canada, were married on a rainy Sunday afternoon in British Columbia. They were married in an out-of-doors ceremony in the garden of the Little White House facility in Fort Langley. In this photograph you can see the garden outside the windows of the dining room. Cheryl Krescy operates this catering service and when a wedding or a vow renewal ceremony is planned, I invariably receive a call to consult with the clients and then to officiate the ceremony. It's enjoyable to meet so many people from various walks of life.

Yesterday Patricia's parents and her young brother were present from Mexico. Roman's parents could not come and remained in his homeland but his brother stood up for him. Patricia's family had arranged for the photographer not only to do still shots but also to skype live-streaming video of the entire ceremony as well as the dinner and celebration to family and friends back in Mexico. The viewers in Mexico were visible on screen and they were dressed in formal apparel to be an essential part of the festivities.

As disappointed as Cheryl and I were with the rainy weather which meant so much last minute scrambling for her and her team, Patricia and Roman thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of their day.

You should drop into the Little White House any day of the week to look at the selection of Francais  black and white themed products, clothing, cosmetics, furniture, linens and much more, or pop into the cafe/salon for something to eat or for a spot of tea.

THE LITTLE WHITE HOUSE 9090 Glover Road, Fort Langley, B.C.    Phone: 604-888-8386 

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