Monday, May 28, 2012


“How do you like your new place?”
That is the question most certainly.
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You had no idea that you should ask, “How do you like the smoke?”
Joe lives across the grass courtyard with Sandra. Joe smokes. Sandra does not. In all kinds of weather I see him outside in a patio chair in his covered patio, cigarette between fingers.  The cover is provided by the deck of the unit above him where Charlotte and Wes live. Charlotte smokes too – outside her home on her deck. Beneath us to the right is a unit owned by Linda. She is a smoker but she moved last week to be with her boyfriend. She is renting her unit to her female friend Karen. She moved in over the weekend. Oh did I tell you – she smokes too. I was reading outside just now when the plumes of smoke began to waft my way – distracting. So here I am complaining. Not finished yet.

We have lived here for two months and the unit beneath us has been empty until three weeks ago when a nice lady and her teenage son purchased and moved in. We were hoping she would not be a smoker. I shouldn’t by a Lotto ticket any time soon. She smokes. But her son does not. And she smokes both inside and outside her home.

So the answer to the first question is, “I like my new place.” It has a deck both front and back. So far, if the smoke is rising on one side, I can retreat to the other. I have a lot more to say about second-hand smoke and community living and strata councils and what they can and should do. But first I have to take some time out to call my real estate agent to list this carriage home.

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